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First meeting was a success! over 25 people showed up and the support looked great, many soccer details were discussed and many were passionate about the topic. Now it is time to put pen onto the field and finally start kicking the round ball into the net.


One thought on “News & Updates

  1. An interesting thought that comes up after the meeting is – are there any potential “player-coaches” that have a deeper, tactical soccer background and can impart knowledge?
    I am thinking of situation like “defending 1on2, 2on3, 4onX”, shifting across the field as a unit, defense pressing, midfield pressing, how to play a 4-4-2 right,etc.
    The guys who said they played competitive in highschool, did they teach you those tactics? Could you pass it on?
    It might sound to extreme, but a coach figure with knowledge to pass on would create an environment with the opportunity to form and improve good players. It would also support a faster transition from “outdoor intermurals” to “competitive soccer”.


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