Green River Titans vs. Halo FC

Green River Titans vs. Halo FC 
3-3, this is how the match ended for the monday Green River team, it was frought with bad decisions from both teams and the referee. This however should never totally influence the game and so, Green river titans were tasked with playing, not shouting. Abu Bilal, an international student from Tanzania scored what could be already Green Rivers best goal yet. The team was good and attacked and defended well, one area of concern is physicallity. GRC need a lesson or two on how to make personal space no longer an issue and defend right up against the opposition player. The match ended at 3-3 with Shad scoring two beautiful goals. 

Team squad for this game: 

  • Qasim Alqasim 
  • Sam Vlah 
  • Kazu Akata 
  • Bonus Inkhaw 
  • Shad Loa (2) 
  • Phat Luong 
  • Agustin Leon 
  • Abu Bilal (1 ibrahimovic goal)  
  • Koonwah Liu 
  • Will Nguyen 
  • Godwin Igwe 
  • Mattar Bilal 
  • Mohammed Abouamer 
  • Don Almutawa 

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