Green River vs Green River – A Battle for the Top Spot

Check out the entire game on video!  Green River #1 in Black, Green River #2 in Green.

Green River Team 1 opened the scoring with Luuk Van Kessel scoring a lovely goal into the bottom of the goal. With emotions running high, and with the top spot in sight, GRC team 1 were playing the ball around with ease. Green River Team 2 could not handle the attack and were hard done by with their own defense, something they can and will work on. Shad, Gustavo, Ivar and Mustafa all scored for Green River Team one equalling 10 goals for GRC 1, with GRC 2 scoring goals from, Kazu, Ali and Riki. Green River Team 1 were very much on their A game, Green River 2 must practise together for when (hopefully) they play against eachother again. A huge mention to Sam Vlah, who made massive saves and gave a 10/10 performance.

Team 1

  • Ivar Stubbard (2)
  • Mustafa Alqaysi (2)
  • Luuk van Kessel (1)
  • Juan Gonzalez
  • Dylan Roozendaal
  • Shad Loa (4)
  • Koonwah Liu
  • Gustavo Martinez (1)

Team 2

  • Shun Oguma
  • Omar Suliman
  • Ali Suliman (1)
  • Thanakrit (Bonus) Inkhaw
  • Phat Xuan Luong
  • Kazu Akata (1)
  • Riki Shinei (1)
  • Hiroya Tomura
  • Sieu (Steven) To
  • Mohammed Abouamer
  • Sam Vlah



First Half


Second Half


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