Another round of indoor soccer


On Jan. 28th,  Team #1 played a team called Seattle Fiji FC, which was lower down on the league table.  Green River #1 dominated pretty much from the get go. Shad, Mustafa and Ivar all made goal scoring headlines in this match. The team looked much more ready this time, playing well together now and looking more solid in the defensive areas of the game. The attacking play was near perfect, with 5 goals by Ivar as well as Shad and Mustafa both scoring twice.  The team seemed to happily shoot goal after goal. There was one own goal on the opponents part, increasing the scoring line to 10 goals.  Green River won the match easily.
Team 1 squad

  • Ivar Stubbard (5)
  • Mustafa Alqaysi (2)
  • Luuk van Kessel
  • Juan Gonzalez
  • Dylan Roozendaal
  • Shad Loa (2)
  • Koonwah Liu
  • Guangpeng Wu
  • Kyle Marx
  • Gustavo Marquez
  • And also, one own goal


Team 2 were up against the league leaders, FC Huracanes, who prevailed against Green River Team 1 last week.  Where the Team #1 Gators failed to beat them; Team #2 Gators came back stronger this time, winning the match in style. Riki with an astonishing 6 goals, and Kazu, Mohammed, Bonus and Phat also scoring in a game that ended only good for Green River soccer. The attacking play was awesome, but it was the defense that saved the day.  Shun and Hiroya combined with the new permanent goalkeeper for the winter season (Sam Vlah) to make sure that the goals were kept down to seven for a 12-7 to GRC victory.

  • Shun Oguma
  • Thanakrit (Bonus) Inkhaw (1)
  • Phat Xuan Luong – (1)
  • Kazu Akata (2)
  • Riki Shinei (6)
  • Hiroya Tomura
  • Sieu (Steven) To
  • Mohammed Abouamer (2)
  • Sam Vlah

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