Team 1 kicked off against the league leaders, FC Huracanes, being 3rd themselves in the league. This was going to be a hard fought match, and it was. Green River seemed to have the start under control with the addition of 2 goals, one from Shad and then Luuk. The opponent had no problem scoring 2 back and then a third and fourth leaving it at 4-2 at half time.

Second half.

The second half started and the match was still unpredictable.  No one knew which side would win, and with Green River catching up to 5-4, it seemed that the match could possibly end in a draw. The experience of being the league leaders and the number of players on their team, FC Huracanes managed to scrape together a win against Green River, winning by 8-6.  They certainly were lucky to get the win from an interesting match.

Team 1 squad

  • Ivar Stubbard
  • Mustafa Alqaysi
  • Luuk van Kessel (1)
  • Juan Gonzalez
  • Dylan Roozendaal
  • Shad Loa (3)
  • Koonwah Liu (2)
  • Guangpeng Wu
  • Kyle Marx
  • Gustavo Marquez

Team 2’s match saw them playing against a team, Los Atticos, that was lower in the league standings. This counted for nothing as Green River Team 2 pretty much controlled the whole match with a few small scares here and there. Oh, and also one wonder goal that wasn’t counted! Lame.

Team 2 saw energy and attack, with no need to focus on defence because of our possession.  Riki, Bonus and Kazu all put their names on the scoresheet.  Riki with 5 goals in one match!  The score at halftime was 3-1 to the Gators, with the full time score at 7-5 to Green River! Moving them up the table promptly.

  • Omar Suliman
  • Ali Suliman
  • Shun Oguma
  • Thanakrit (Bonus) Inkhaw (1)
  • Phat Xuan Luong – frickin’ amazing uncounted goal.
  • Kazu Akata (1)
  • Riki Shinei (5)
  • Hiroya Tomura
  • Sieu (Steven) To
  • Mohammed   Abouamer
  • Sam Ahah

Green River College – Futsal Game

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