One win, one loss

Green river teams 1 & 2 were ready for their next match, both coming off from two good wins in their previous matches.

Team 1 came under heavy pressure at the start, their attack made them very aggressive into our back lines, leaving wide gaps for them to pass through. Green River started to gain territory back,  Shad scoring first with a lovely finish into the net, with Luuk and Kyle following behind in goal scoring. The half came to an end and 5 minutes of time was given to the players to rest.

Second half.

With more goals than the opponent, Green River looked like they had the match in their hands. Ivar and Koonwah now joining the goal scoring. The other team tried to match and put more pressure on the GRC team, but could not quite catch up, due to the quickness of the Green River team. The match ended at 9-6 to GRC.

Team 1 squad

  • Ivar Stubbard (1)
  • Mustafa Alqaysi
  • Luuk van Kessel (2)
  • Juan Gonzalez
  • Dylan Roozendaal
  • Shad Loa (2)
  • Koonwah Liu (2)
  • Guangpeng Wu
  • Kyle Marx (2)
  • Gustavo Marquez

Team 2 had an explosive start, with Omar, Riki, Mohammed, and Phat all scoring goals in the first half.  The opponent caught up however, and the half ended at a bittersweet score of 5-3. The half time was 5 minutes and the players re-grouped and figured out new strategies.

Second half.

Bonus, Steven and Riki scored making the score 10-6 to the opponent in the first part of the second half. Green River 2  were still waiting for their permanent goalkeeper and so, suffered the loss of one, the match ended at 11-10 to the opponent.

  • Omar Suliman (1)
  • Ali Suliman
  • Shun Oguma
  • Thanakrit (Bonus) Inkhaw (2)
  • Phat Xuan Luong (1)
  • Kazu Akata (1)
  • Riki Shinei (3)
  • Hiroya Tomura
  • Sieu (Steven) To (1)
  • Mohammed Abouamer(1)

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