Green River start off the winter quarter in winning style

Green River Soccer Winter16

Both Green River teams enjoying their season opening wins

Both Green River teams started their winter season with a hard attitude.
Team 1…
were dominating from the start, a stylish backheel goal from Ivar, and an interesting couple runs from Dylan Roozendaal ensured that the first half belonged to Green River. The opponent did make a couple runs into the GRC defence with the success of one goal, leaving the first half at 4-1.
Half time
Second half became intense, with lack of fitness and not enough subs the opponent managed to catch up quickly, but Green River kept scoring more than the opponent could handle and the match ended at 7-6 to the Gators
Team 1 squad

  • Ivar Stubbard (1)
  • Mustafa Alqaysi
  • Luuk van Kessel (2)
  • Juan Gonzalez
  • Dylan Roozendaal (1)
  • Shad Loa (3)
  • Koonwah Liu
  • Guangpeng Wu
  • Kyle Marx

Team 2
Under pressure from the start; this match was going to be interesting from the beginning. The defence was struggling to cope with the opposing team’s attacking runs and conceded a few goals, leaving the first half at 4-3 to the opponent.  Thankfully Riki kept Green River close to the opponents.
Half time
The second half started well for Green River with Phat and Kazu putting themselves on the score list, by the end of the match Green River started to dominate, an amazing match with goals coming from both teams one after the other. The game ending at 7-6 to the Gators.

Team 2 Squad

  • Omar Suliman
  • Ali Suliman
  • Shun Oguma
  • Thanakrit (Bonus) Inkhaw
  • Phat Xuan Luong (1)
  • Kazu Akata (2)
  • Riki Shinei (4)
  • Hiroya Tomura
  • Sieu (Steven) To

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