Green River 1 vs. Green River 2 (Round 8) 

Green River team 1 vs Green River team 2 played against each other again in the league; a Green River Derby that was filled with success and mistakes.
Kickoff at 6:25pm and the match started off with Green River 2’s pressing up against the 1’s. Quick defensive tactics from GR1 (Green River 1) ensured a strong defensive front against GR2’s (Green River 2). The first goal came from a quick attack by GR1, countering the efforts of the opposite team. Abu scored with an across-the-goal shot and another from Shad to set the score line at 2-0. GR2 were able to handle the pressure after this and kept GR1 at bay.
The second half kicked off with another goal from GR1 from the efforts of Hayate’s lovely header into the right side of the goal. GR2 replied with 2 goals of their own from mistakes at the back from the GR1 side. From both Hedaya and Saimon; Saimon with a lovely header to leave the goalkeeper standing still. 3-2 to GR1. GR2 couldn’t keep another goal from happening and conceded to Shad; a lovely run through the middle of the defense, with a low shot into the bottom right of the net. Final score. 4-2.

Green River 1 squad.

  • Shad Loa (2)
  • Mustafa Alqaysi
  • Omar Suliman
  • Rushil Sharma
  • Shun Oguma
  • Antonio Fernandez
  • Hayate Abiko (1)
  • Gouresh Kamble
  • Abu Bilal (1)

Green River 2 squad.

  • Abd El Gawad Gasser
  • Nemat Ayaz
  • Hedaya Qaderi (1)
  • Henry Lu
  • Saimon Woldu (1)
  • Omar Kandil
  • Wahid Wahidullah
  • Deniz Manisali

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