Green River Rec Team vs University of Puget Sound Co-ed Rec Team

Green river played against the University of Puget Sound  rec team in the fall quarter’s last friendly.
Rain and wind greeted the Green River players and fans for the Saturday afternoon friendly. Travelling from Auburn to Tacoma; the Green River team played with pace and strength in the face of a well-organised  University of Puget Sound club team. The match was to showcase the height of Green River Men’s soccer team since what seems to be the longest of times. Fans from Green River cheered the team on with cold voices, hot chocolate was offered at half-time giving a temporary relief from the Washington weather. The match ended at 1-2, although the intensity was on a high, the friendly match continued to be friendly even after the game with the hope of a return leg in the future.

The 23 players

GSSL 11v11 Team

  • Dylan Roozendaal
  • Ramon Peekel
  • Sean Aye
  • Kazu Akata
  • Luuk Van Kessel
  • Qasim Alqasim
  • Mohamed Abouamer
  • Riki Shinei
  • Mohamed Ere
  • Juan Gonzalez
  • A.J. Janiyazov

Starfire #1

  • Rushil Sharma
  • Shun Oguma
  • Schad Loa
  • Omar Suliman
  • Hayate Abiko
  • Hendrik Armack
  • Abu Bilal
  • Gouresh Kamble

Starfire #2

  • Saimon Woldu
  • Hedayat Qaderi
  • Gasser Abd El Gawad
  • Wahid Wahidullah

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