Green River Starfire league (Round 5) 

Both green river teams played against the same team on Sunday, (AC Milan) 

Green River team 1 started off the match with A goal from shad. An electric start; our team put the pressure on the opponent. However, it was after that goal that our discipline and heads went down. We conceded goal after goal and the match levelled at 6-1 to AC Milan. 

  1. Shad Loa (1 goals)
  2. Mustafa Alqaysi
  3. Rushil Sharma
  4. Shun Oguma
  5. Kyle Marx
  6. Hendrik Armack
  7. Hayate Abiko
  8. Abu Bilal 
  9. Gouresh Kamble

Green River Team 2 

Playing against the same team; green river team two had an excellent match against AC Milan. The first half was not good, the rain was gushing down on the players and the goal keepers job was that much more difficult, AC Milan were pressing hard and scored 3 goals against GRCFC and then halftime came around. 
Second half begins and the on switch turned for Green River. There was good plays being made with the opposition often making mistakes from our team pressing. Ramil scored 1 goal along with Hedaya. The match ended at 4-2 to AC Milan. 

  1. Abd El Gawad Gasser
  2. Nemat Ayaz
  3. Mohamed Farah
  4. Hedaya Qaderi (1 goals)
  5. Ramil Khabirov (1 goals)
  6. Deniz Manisali
  7. Sitt Yan Naing
  8. Saimon Woldu

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