Green River Starfire Teams 1 & 2 (round 4)

Green River Team 1:

Starting off with a goal, we were creating the same kind of accurate passing and good amount of pressure as our last game, Shad scoring 1 goals and Abu Bilal, with the 4 goals. We were better than the opposite team, had more skill, but eventually with our winning ways we became lazy, not paying attention to the threats they were posing; running through the obvious gaps left by our defenders. The game ended 8-5 to the opponent team.

  • Shad Loa (1 goals)
  • Mustafa Alqaysi
  • Rushil Sharma
  • Shun Oguma
  • Kyle Marx
  • Hendrik Armack
  • Hayate Abiko
  • Abu Bilal (4 2112goal)
  • Gouresh Kamble

Green River Team 2:

Scoring first twice GRCFC team 2 played well passing the ball and possession. At the end of the first half, the opposite team scored 2 goals however due to lack of fitness and focus. The second half began with no focus yet again and they scored making the scoreline at this moment in time, (3-2) to the opposite team. Communication became more and the passion levels were rising amongst the Green River players, Ramil and Hedaya scoring 3 times between themselves to secure team 2’s First win at 5-4 to the Gators.

  • Abd El Gawad Gasser
  • Nemat Ayaz
  • Mohamed Farah
  • Hedaya Qaderi (2 goals)
  • Fnu Wahidullah (Wahid)
  • Ramil Khabirov (2 goals)
  • Deniz Manisali
  • Sitt Yan Naing
  • Saimon Woldu (1 goals)

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