Starfire #1 & #2 — 2nd Round 

Starfire GRC team 1 played against Los Coyotes

The game started off with the gators hacking away at the opponents defence; Shad scoring the first goal was of great motivation to the team, the opposite team was eager to get back and scored to level the match. Another goal from GRC (shad) was due to the slick passing of the attacking players, they were opening the defence of the Coyotes with great pace. The half-time score ending at 3-2 to the Los Coyotes.

Second half and GRC were pressing up against the team well, making them falter and give the ball away up the field. Shad took good advantage of this and scored with a beautiful low driven shot across the goalie and into the net. Shad completed his hattrick with style points as he danced around the defence to make an easy shot driven into the back of the sticks. The scoreline at 4-3 to Green River. Los Coyotes played well on our defencesive weaknesses and scored more to end the game with their win. 8-4 to Los Coyotes.


  • Shad Loa (3 goals)
  • Mustafa Alqaysi
  • Omar Suliman
  • Rushil Sharma
  • Antonio Fernandez
  • Kyle Marx
  • Hendrik Armack
  • Hayate Abiko
  • Abu Bilal
  • Gouresh Kamble

Starfire Team 2 played against FC One

Lack of communication and focus were some reasons for the loss, GRC played well, the skill level of the players were better than that of FC One, but organization needed working on and well as fitness levels in order for the players to have the ability to do as they please on the pitch. The Scoreline ended at 0-6 to FC One.


  • Abd El Gawad Gasser
  • Nemat Ayaz
  • Mohamed Farah
  • Hedaya Qaderi
  • Fnu Wahidullah (Wahid)
  • Ramil Khabirov
  • Omar Kandil
  • Deniz Manisali
  • Sitt Yan  Naing
  • Saimon Woldu
  • Henry Lau

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