GSSL Green River FC – An Early Season Update

The GSSL Green River FC team started play on Sunday, September 20th.  That first game, against a strong ECS FC Columbia, was a great learning experience.  The team realized the importance of working together, communicating and passing.  Playing as individuals, no matter how talented, will never be stronger than teammates trusting and relying on each other.

The result was a loss, 3-1.  But with only one practice together, the score was very respectable.

_DSC0532.1 IMG_0104.1 IMG_0107.1 IMG_0108.1 IMG_0113.1

The second game was only 4 days later, on a Thursday night.  The lessons learned from the first game proved to be valuable as the team played together as a more cohesive unit, passing to each other instead of trying to dribble across the whole field, communicating with teammates, and really improving in every area of the game.  The final was another loss, 2-1, but the team came away knowing they could have won the game.  The opportunity for revenge is a real possibility.  The opponent, ECS FC Shale, will be the only team we play twice, the second time coming in the final match of the season.  Can we improve enough to win next time?  Time will tell.

_DSC0546.1 _DSC0566.1 _DSC0585.1 _DSC0586.1 _DSC0622.1 _DSC0624.1

The third game of the season proved that the team had finally found the perfect mix of experience, teamwork and desire.  Playing against the Jet City Strikers, Green River FC captured their first win in an exciting 4-3 victory.  The weather was great, but the result was even better.  Is this the turning point in the season?  It sure seemed to be, with the defense, midfielders and forwards all working together and doing their part in the win.

  _DSC0633.1GSSL_Team  _DSC0634.1 _DSC0640.1 _DSC0645.1 _DSC0647.1 _DSC0649.1 _DSC0652.1 _DSC0653.1 _DSC0658.1

The fourth game of the season, played against Mercer St. United, looked to be a continuation of the winning ways.  Green River FC got out to an early lead and looked to be dominating their opponent.  But soon, cracks began to appear in the armor.  It turned into a back and forth battle.  The final score was a reflection of that, a 3-3 draw.  What is next?  Find out yourself and come to the next game, which will be on Sunday, October 11th at Valley Ridge Field in SeaTac at 10am.  See you there!

_DSC0686.1 _DSC0688.1 _DSC0693.1 _DSC0694.1 _DSC0697.1 _DSC0698.1


2 thoughts on “GSSL Green River FC – An Early Season Update

    • Hi Dawn – Sorry for the delay. I’ve just posted game summaries of the last few games, including the Oct. 11th game. Thanks for your interest!


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