Starfire #1 Green River FC vs. Extreme FC

My first match along with the rest of the newest players GRC can offer started their starfield league on Sunday 09/27/2015.

The first half saw the GRC players act slow to the ball; not enough pressure was put upon the opposite team, this allowed Extreme FC to score a brace of 2 goals before the half ended with some opportunities coming our way. What we saw from this half is that we needed to close down the opponent much more quickly and at the same time insure that we created enough space for ourselves when attacking with the ball.

The second half was much more rewarding, we were passing accurately; creating excessive pressure on our opponents causing them to falter much more. Loa, Shad had an amazing run, passing it off to a team mate for a quick return and fired a low shot into the corner. 10 minutes thereafter the same scenario had happened and Shad had made his double, equaling the score to 2-2 with 15 minutes left to go. This was not enough however as we had fallen back to our ways of not pressing up against them and giving them the time they needed to score another before the match had ended, putting the score at 3-2 to Extreme FC.

A solid first performance at the end of the day; Green River FC have a lot of potential and hopefully can muster up some moral for our next game on the 10/04/2015.

In other news, GRC FC team 2 played against Kohinoor FC losing 0-5.

Shad Loa scored (2) goals

Goalkeeper: Gouresh Kamble

Defence: Shun Oguma, Antonio Fernandez, Rushil Sharma

Midfielders: Hendrik Armack, Hayate Abiko, Omar Suliman

Attackers: Shad Loa

Bench: Kyle Marx, Mustafa Alqaysi

_DSC0667.1  _DSC0668.1  _DSC66.1  _DSC0669.1   _DSC0675.1


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