Green River FC vs House Rules

Green River FC started off the 1st half; our opponents, the ‘House Rules’ team. The attack from our side was lacklustre and could have seen more vigor.  Players weren’t running, which points to some fitness questions. We had some chances, with shots going wide, and had the ball in the box with a chance to score, but seemed to lose our way just before taking a shot.

Two of our own players who could not play, showed up to support the team which is always a great motivational boost.

1-0 to House Rules going into half-time, which was quickly converted to  2 – 0 not long into the 2nd half.  After the second goal, Green River FC became a different team; An aggressive, and attacking mentality was being showcased.  We stole the ball, kept it on the opponent’s side of the field. Kazu (#10) scored twice to even it up with about 10 minutes to play.  At this point, we had all the momentum.  We had so many chances, but as the saying goes, too many chances missed will be regretted. Regret soon became reality and with 2 minutes left it was 3 – 2, unfortunate to say the least.  From what was seen of House Rules last goal, it easily could’ve been seen as a hand ball… the case remains that our team played well and true, but it just wasn’t enough and maybe the luck was not on our side.

A good attacking display; GRCFC are still finding their new positions in a new soccer team.

_DSC0542 _DSC0541 Kazu_Run _DSC0547 Kyle_Keeper Kazu_Dribble _DSC0538


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