Game Review & Week 4 Standings

Green River FC vs FC Drinkers was an exciting, back and forth game.  We had several great moments, with some amazing assists.  Shadrack Kaub A Muteb (#10) scored twice…one of which was a header on a great cross by Saimon Woldu (#11).  Samuel Kiflai (#4) had the other goal in what turned out to be too few great moments in a 3 – 3 tie.

Playing with only 2 subs, our lack of conditioning really played a part in the result as the FC Drinkers had a full team on the sidelines to keep everyone fresh.  Most of the game was played on our half of the field putting pressure on the defense.  Thankfully, luck was on our side as several FC Drinker shots hit the posts and crossbar.

In the next game, GRFC must be more aggressive, taking more shots on goal.  Keeping possession of the ball and working on transitioning from defense to offense are also points of emphasis for the next match.

Mo_Action  _DSC0532.1

Week 4 Standings: With the draw, we are now in 3rd place.  Next week’s game is against the team directly above us, House Rules.  A win will move us into the 2nd spot with a chance to contend for the top spot in the playoff round on September 1st.  Can we do it?  Teamwork and determination will decide.



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