2nd game for Green River Soccer Club and its a draw. 


substitution in progress


Green River v The Gang 
Green River FC started off their second game with an intense first 10 minutes.  Kazu Akata (#8) opened the scoring with a superb finishing shot in front of the goal. A brace came for the team with Bonus (#21) starting his goalscoring to make the team lead 2-0.  


The second half began and it seemed that Green River had lost some sparkle from the first half and conceded 3 goals in 7 minutes. Panic was surely about to set in were it not for our comeback from a revitalised GRFC. Bonus scored promptly making it 3-3. The Gang then scored another 2, soaring through our defence with ease. Green River were not about to let the match go, and this high scoring game saw 2 more goals from Mo (#9) and another from Bonus to complete his hattrick. 

Final score: 5-5 

All in all a good attacking display. Fitness is something to work on but a good display to show that we want this league to be ours. 
Goal scorers

Bonus (#21) – (3)

Kazu (#8)- (1)

Moh  (#9) – (1)


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